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      THE VENT PROGRAM                 


To assist in the emotional, physical and spiritual growth and wellbeing of those who are lost and need to find their inner strength.
The VENT Program is dedicated to Alex Tomei, whose story is best summarized in the words of his mother Laura.
“Born September 23, 1988  Alex died from suicide, on March 26, 2007. Like so many adolescents he encountered the many obstacles life brings, some of which he was unable to overcome. There are an increasing number of adolescents who are succumbing to emotional breakdowns, a sense of worthlessness which can lead to isolation, anger, drug use, and a myriad of other feelings.
Alex found something he was good at - his beloved gym, where he obtained enormous pleasure out of body building in an environment where he wasn't judged or dictated to. A place he could let out steam, and VENT his insecurities and frustrations, but at the same time see results, pass time, and meet like minded and even different people with a common interest; all in a positive environment where he felt a sense of belonging; an environment which he appreciated and respected, something that the broader community was unable to provide.  He was finally getting his life in order, having started employment where he was working full time during the day and going to the gym in the evenings. At this time he was starting to rebuild his self-esteem, when the unexpected breakup of a relationship sent him into a downward spiral he was unable to cope with.
I have written a book about how I survived the suicide of my only child Alexander, in the hope that my grief journey, the insights and resources attained, can offer some comfort and hope to those suffering parental bereavement. One of the most precious resources that has helped me continue is the creation of the VENT Program. Honouring Alexander's life with a program that can help others, who like my son struggle to deal with life's challenges, has been cathartic for me. It is one of the major reasons I have been able to resurface from the depths of despair after the tragic passing of my only child, and it has enabled the continuation of what was very dear to my son, and what he believed in and practiced selflessly.

Since his passing, so many stories have emerged of people he has helped. His altruism and kindness, his sensitivities toward the suffering, misunderstood or disadvantaged were commendable.
The VENT Program has been created to honour Alex's 18 years of life, and in his memory and in his name, through the VENT Program, I will endeavour to continue  what he believed in wholeheartedly; that kindness, compassion and caring is ultimately what we all need and strive for in life.”


VENT started as a weight training program for youth who are experiencing a range of emotionally challenging issues.
Time Teaches:
If we remain open to others' needs, we can grow and continue to be of service to those who suffer. 
The Vent Program has evolved into helping those who are left behind. The parents of children who - like Alex, have left this world, leaving their devastated family and friends broken .... at the gates of a frightening impossible journey they have no choice but to undertake. The grief journey. 
Losing a child really is a parent's worst nightmare... 
Through my own grief journey, I have been led to helping others, by processing the infinite extraordinarily painful emotions I did not think I could overcome. Yet slowly, I was able to find pockets of peace, by surrendering to the inevitable reality of the tragic loss of my child Alexander and developing precious Insights that have helped me through the tunnel of parental bereavement.
A few years ago I statred a Facebook group called :
                                                                                  Between Two Worlds
Between Two Worlds:
is a secret Facebook group created solely for parents who have lost a beloved child or children and who have a belief in the survival of consciousness. Although we offer a safe loving cyber platform, in which we can release and express our emotions and our continuing connection and bond with our child or children, we do not advocate that our group is a substitute for professional grief counselling. We can help add to your journey, by offering a safe space in which parents from around the world can join each other and offer resources gained and experiences embraced that have helped them along their grief path. With deep love based respect for each other, we share... we process and take on board what resonates with us and respectfully leave anything that doesn't... This way a beautiful positive balance of healing energy permeates our special group.

Laura Tomei : Group Founder and Administrator 
Bev Sauer Wittler : Administrator 
Andrea Malkiewics : Administrator
To join Between Two Worlds
please private message me: 
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