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Live with and immerse yourself in these exclusive signature printed cushions by Laura Tomei.


Italian born Tomei's designs are heavily influenced by her years spent in Florence Italy, where she completed her Master of Art Diploma from the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze.


The cushions have an enveloped back cover and are made from 100% oatmeal coloured linen, giving them an organic natural feel. Inserts made from 100% goose or duck feathers.



34x34cm accent cushion - $68 (including insert)    - $55 (without insert)               


50x50cm - $110 (including insert)    - $78 (without insert)   


60 x 60cm - $135 (inclugding insert)    - $105 (without insert)   


70x70cm  - $175 (including insert)    - $135 (without insert)   



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