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Laura Tomei, Artist, Writer, Mother.

Laura Tomei was born in Rome, Italy in1955. Her family travelled extensively throughout her childhood years between Italy and Australia, with lengthy stopovers in England, Malta, and the USA. Her formative years, from age sixteen to twenty three were spent in Florence, where she graduated from the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze in 1975, receiving her Master of Art Diploma.


During the years in Florence Tomei immersed herself deeply in the Florentine art culture,  including diverse activities such as:- performing regularly with a street theatre group, modelling for the renowned Italian portrait and fresco artist Pietro Annigoni, along with a very short lived attempt at acting (manhandled by Helmut Berger in the cult classic “La Belva Col Mitra”). These and other experiences were pivotal in stimulating an interest in creative expressionism and greatly influenced her artistic endeavors, cementing her personal style.


The Tomei style is easily recognizable, often incorporating colourful characters and startling imagery that challenges the normality of everyday life. Her past creations have been diverse in format - including ceramic dolls, hand knotted rugs, along with many series of drawings and paintings. Most recently the Tomei style is expressed in her new venture – cushions...


“Tactile art is something that has always appealed to me. I love to look at, but also physicallly engage in, the creative.... “


Tomei's artistic ambitions were stunted for several years after personal tragedy struck. Subsequently she became a Holistic Counsellor. Her soul searching years culminated in the production of a book. In her own words: “I needed this time to process my grief, and my life's journey. I had to find and feel my way through, from darkness back to light... and through creative emotional expression I have found a way to resurface.”


Tomei has recently built an art studio - VENT 23, which is tucked away at the back of her lush tropical garden. “It is a sacred creative fertile hub, in which I can be me”

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